About Us

Rava homes integrated design-build service makes creating and building the home of your dreams possible for any family. Our professional approach to home building delivers the perfect blend of your vision, superior industry standards, a professional engineering review and Rava homes decades of quality building experience. Working directly with the Rava homes team gives you added peace of mind and the convenience of a continuous point of contact through each and every step.

With over 15 years of experience, the Rava homes team will be your hands-on site supervisor and advisor: ensuring that every detail of the home is being executed with the utmost care. With Rava homes you will enjoy a high-quality, fully custom designed and built home, completed on time and on budget.

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Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide you with an impeccable experience during the build of your custom home, while maintaining the highest degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity.”

“My philosophy has always been that, Rava homes provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction whether you are the developer, the builder, the homeowner, or the investor.”

President, RAVA HOMES